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Music Lesson - Katy Perry 'Hot 'n' Cold'

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Listen to the start of this song by Katy Perry and complete the lyrics below. You don't need to listen to the whole song (unless you want to), only the first 90 seconds. Be careful with your spelling!


LInk: Music Lesson - Pink 'So What'

  • You change your mind like a girl changes
  • Yeah, you P.M.S. like a , I would know
  • And you overthink, always , cryptically
  • I should know that you're no for me
  • Cause you're hot then you're
  • You're then you're no
  • You're in then you're
  • You're up then you're
  • You're when it's right
  • It's black and it's
  • We fight, we up
  • We , we make up
  • You, you don't really want to , no
  • you, but you, but you don't want to go-o