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Music Video: Gavin Degraw

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Gavin Degraw became famous when his song 'I don't wanna be' was featured as the theme tune for successful TV show, One Tree Hill. I really like his country voice and find his music very calming and relaxing. Here is one of my favourite songs of his, to help you practice your listening and learn some new vocabulary. Enjoy!
Lesson by Caroline

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Missing Words


Gavin Degraw - Dreams Lyrics

Spending all my _1_ on phone cards
Waiting for my ship to come in, in from that _2_
Come home to this sea, harboring in me
I don't believe in four-leaf _3_
Or the luck they're supposed to bring
I've used all my wild cards
But there's something I can do
To get _4_ to you

I've got dreams to love and I love you
I know you feel the same way too
I feel your _5_ when you're near me and when you're away
Somehow, somewhere I'll see you again
But until then I've got dreams of loving you

Thinking about every little thing we ever did crazy
Sipping on that _6_ lane
That lane never closes, seven days of the week
I can drive in my sleep

Dreams I will _7_ when I see you again
And I'll see you again pretty soon
I pray but _8_ then I've got dreams of loving you.

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