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Music Video Lesson: Accidentally in Love

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The next song was part of the soundtrack of one of the highest grossing films of recent years. The film has a creative imagination that brings together a number of fairy tale characters, who are loved by children and adults alike.

Enjoy the song and choose the correct word to complete the gaps. Good luck!

Lesson by Caroline

Listening Gap

What are the seven missing words?

So she _1_ what's the problem baby
What's the problem I don't know 
Well maybe I'm in love (love) 
_2_ about it every time
I think about it
Can't stop thinking 'bout it

How much _3_ will it take to cure this
Just to cure it cause I can't ignore it if it's love (love) 
Makes me wanna turn around and face me but I don't know nothing 'bout love.

Come on, come on 
Turn a _4_ faster
Come on, come on 
The world will follow after
Come on, come on 
Cause everybody's after love

So I said I'm a snowball running 
Running down into the spring that's coming all this love 
_5_under blue skies 
Belting out sunlight 
Shimmering love 

Well baby I surrender 
To the strawberry ice cream
Never ever end of all this love
Well I didn't mean to do it 
But there's no _6_ your love

These lines of lightning 
Mean we're never alone, 
Never alone, no, no 

Come on, Come on
Move a little closer 
Come on, Come on
I want to hear you _7_
Come on, Come on 
Settle down inside my love

Come on, come on 
Jump a little higher
Come on, come on
If you feel a little lighter
Come on, come on 
We were once

Upon a time in love 

We're accidentally in love 
Accidentally in love [x7]


I'm In Love, I'm in Love, 
I'm in Love, I'm in Love, 
I'm in Love, I'm in Love,
Accidentally [x2]

Come on, come on
Spin a little tighter
Come on, come on 
And the world's a little brighter
Come on, come on 
Just get yourself inside her 

Love...I'm in love

Choose the correct 7 missing words:

  • Missing word 1 is:

  • Missing word 2 is:

  • Missing word 3 is:

  • Missing word 4 is:

  • Missing word 5 is:

  • Missing word 6 is:

  • Missing word 7 is: