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New Idioms

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"You can't teach an old dog new tricks"

Here are some idioms that all use the word new. Read them through and then complete the exercise below them:

Turn over a new leaf

To start behaving in a better way:

'I heard that's she's turned over a new leaf and stopped drinking alcohol.'

A new lease of life

To have a new lease of life means that you become more energetic and active than before:

'Having grandchildren has given him a new lease of life.'

A new broom (sweeps clean)

A new broom is the new leader of a group or organisation who makes a lot of changes:

'The new broom made a lot of changes to our department and things are now better than ever.'

Pastures new

When someone goes to pastures new they are leaving their job or home to go to a new one:

'After 5 years with our company Joe has decided to go to pastures new.'

You can't teach an old dog new tricks

This expression means that it is difficult to get someone to change the way they do something after they have been doing it a different way for years.

'I can't get my grandmother to use a computer. I guess you can't teach an old dog new tricks!'

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  • "He's 80 and starting Spanish lessons. Who said you can't teach an dog new thricks?"
  • "After coming out of prison he knew it was time to turn over a new ."
  • "He doesn't live here anymore. He moved on to new."
  • I've got a new of life since I stopped drinking and smoking."
  • He was elected because he promised to make lots of changes. As they say, 'A new sweeps clean'."