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Ordinal Numbers: first, second, third

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When we want to put things in order, we use ordinal numbers so we can tell the position of that thing.

For example, if there is a road with three houses, you will pass them in order of the first house, the second and the third.

In the following sentences, spell the ordinal number in full to complete the sentence. e.g. first, twenty-ninth, seventieth (not 1st, 29th, 70th).

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Lesson by Caroline

  • 1. I was the (1) of my group of friends to have a baby.
  • 2. I was born on the (31) of October, Halloween!
  • 3. I'm going to my grandparents (50) wedding anniversary on Saturday.
  • 4. Jennifer came (2) and was awarded the silver medal.
  • 5. In the (19) century, the world was extremely different.
  • 6. Today is the (5) day that I haven’t had my morning coffee!
  • 7. I live in the (3) house on the left.
  • 8. The (29) of February only comes once every four years.
  • 9. I feel like this is the (90) time I’ve told you, do your homework!
  • 10. This is the (23) record the band has released.