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Parts of Speech

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This lesson is designed to test how well you know the different parts of speech. E.g. verb, noun, adjective, adverb etc. In each of the following sentences, one word has been capitalised. Your job is to decide which part of speech this word is.

When you have finished, I strongly recommend that for further practise you have a go at a game called ‘Mad-libs’, where you complete a story by adding in your own words! Try this website

Lesson by Caroline

Link: Another Parts of Speech Quiz

  • 1. I’m absolutely STARVING, I think I’m going to eat a big bowl of pasta for lunch.

  • 2. I live IN a flat in the centre of town.

  • 3. She’s studying AND working at the moment.

  • 4. She POURED the tea and put some biscuits on the plate.

  • 5. I think THEY went to the zoo.

  • 6. I think I hurt my NECK, it’s so sore.

  • 7. She ate her dinner so QUICKLY, I’m surprised she didn’t feel sick!

  • 8. He MUST come to class today, or I’m going to have to write to his parents.

  • 9. He IS so handsome.

  • 10. She said she was ok BUT her face said something different.