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Phrasal Verb - Stay

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"Even though it was raining, she wanted to stay out."

Here are some phrasal verbs using the word stay:

Stay in

Stay in means not go out.
"It's raining outside. Let's stay in and watch a movie."

Stay over

Stay over means stay overnight.
"If you think it's too late to drive home you can always stay over here."

Stay up

Stay up means not go to bed.
"I like to stay up late on the weekend."

Stay away from someone / something

Stay away means avoid / not come.
"Stay away from me if you have a cold. I don't want to catch it."

Stay out

Stay out means not go home.
"Don't go home yet. Stay out with us until it gets dark."

Stay on

Stay on means to remain in a place or job longer than planned.
"He stayed on in school after lessons to speak to his teachers."

Now complete the following sentences using in, over, up, away, out or on. Only use each word once.

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  • He stayed with the company as a consultant after he retired.
  • I tried to stay , but I was so tired that I fell asleep on the sofa.
  • In the summer I used to stay and play football in the park until my mother called me home.
  • Some of my friends stayed at my place last night. I have 4 bedrooms so there was plenty of room.
  • Stay from that garden. There's a big dog in it.
  • We shouldn't stay on a nice day like this. Let's go for a drive somewhere.