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Poor and Poverty; Wealthy and Wealth

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When someone does not have money we can say they are poor. It is an adjective.
"A poor man."

The noun form of poor is poverty.
"Many people in the world still live in poverty."

The comparative form is poorer, not more poor.
"I am poorer than David."

The superlative form is poorest.
"The poorest countries are in Africa."

You may know that the opposite of poor is rich, yet we can also use wealthy as an opposite of poor.
"Only very wealthy people can afford to eat here."

The noun form of wealthy is wealth.
"Over her career, she accumulated a great amount of wealth."

The comparative form is wealthier, not more wealthy.
"I am wealthier now than I was 5 years ago."

The superlative form is wealthiest.
"Is Bill Gates the wealthiest person in the world?"

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