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Prefix and Suffix Practice

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Complete the sentences with the prefixes and suffixes below. You will only need to use each prefix / suffix once.


Don't include the dash (-) when you type in your answer and only type in the prefix/suffix - not the whole word.

Link: Prefixes

  • 1 - It's always use___ to carry some cash on you, in case of an emergency.
  • 2 - Planning a holiday can be just as excit___ as going on holiday.
  • 3 - I found that this medicine is the most effect___ for colds.
  • 4 - She speaks arab___ very well.
  • 5 - You must not be ___polite to your boss.
  • 6 - The CEO has been responsible for many ___popular decisions.
  • 7 - I'm un___ to work on weekends.
  • 8 - His sex___ comments made him disliked by the female employees.
  • 9 - I don't want to get into an argu___ with you about this.
  • 10 - Living close to the station is conven___ for me.