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Prefixes Using 'Re'

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Re is a prefix that is added to the front of a word. Generally it is used to mean 'do again' e.g. resend or 'return something to its original state' e.g. reafforestation ( planting new trees in an area where they were previously cut down).

In today's exercise you can see seven re words. Put the letters into the correct order to make the words. If you need some help, there are some hints below. Write your answers in the boxes provided.

Remeber all of these words start with re!

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  • 1 - 'rtcae':
  • 2 - 'eerpta':
  • 3 - 'trenru':
  • 4 - 'teeriwr':
  • 5 - 'eercdu':
  • 6 - 'rriape':
  • 7 - 'erercuatp':