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Prepositions 1

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Here is a look at how certain prepositions are used:


She told me about her promotion.
The trip cost about €1000.
Do you know anything about painting?


We walked across the square, taking in all the sights.


Shoplifting is against the law.
I hope you didn’t lean against the wall. The paint’s still wet.


I love walking along the coast.


John’s good at maths.
Look at that car. It’s amazing!
I’m meeting Peter at the cinema.


I was right behind the car involved in the accident.
There is a playground behind our house.


I sat beside a young newlywed couple on the flight.
(at the side)  


There were three other people besides me in the lift when it
(in addition to) stuck.


What’s the difference between ‘cool’ and ‘chilly’?
Share the pizza between you.


That painting is by Picasso.
I go to work by bicycle.
She was standing by the side of the road.


He thanked her for the present.
We often go for a walk in the evening.
This message is for you.
I’ll be late from work. Don’t wait up for me.


He comes from Scotland.
I borrowed this book from Sarah.


He lives in Paris.
The train leaves in half an hour.


Three of my classmates are from Argentina.
This shirt is made of silk.
We stepped out of the restaurant just as it started raining.

Lesson by Tristan, English teacher at EC Malta English school

Now choose the best word for the following:

  • 1) We could reduce traffic in our city if everyone went to work __ bus.

  • 2) I have to spend Saturday __ the office.

  • 3) Be careful when you walk __ the road here. Cars drive way too fast.

  • 4) You can lean the ladder __ the wall for now.

  • 5) This is the instruction manual __ my new TV. It's in every language except English.

  • 6) The film was __ interracial relationships.

  • 7) Peter is extremely good __ fixing electrical appliances.

  • 8) Your phone is __ the book on the shelf. That's why you can't see it.

  • 9) I haven't yet understood what the red button on the remote is __.

  • 10) The shop is __ a church on its left and a train station on its right.

  • 11) Sarah lives __ a quiet little street not far from the shops.

  • 12) The table is made __ walnut.

  • 13) I received a letter __ my sister in Ireland.

  • 14) __ John nobody liked the musical.