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Prepositions in Phrasal Verbs

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Phrasal verbs are made of two parts: a base verb and another small word that is either a preposition or an adverb particle.

It is not always possible to guess the meaning of a phrasal verb from the individual words in it. The more exposure you have to phrasal verbs the easier they are to learn.

Take a look at the following ten sentences and decide which preposition is needed to form the correct phrasal verb.

  • 1. Can you ___ this equation? It's too difficult for me.

  • 2. Our car ___ fuel. We ended up walking all the way home.

  • 3. Jim and Patrick had a ___ last week. They're still not talking to each other.

  • 4. I'm ___ all my old magazines. I don't need them anymore.

  • 5. I'll ___ on the way to the party.

  • 6. Catherine's decided to ___ smoking. Let's see if she can!

  • 7. What time do you usually ___ to on Saturdays?

  • 8. He was devastated after his girlfriend ___ with him.

  • 9. I need to buy new shoes. These ones are really ___.

  • 10. ___! That car nearly bumped you!