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Pronunciation Challenge

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English is full of words that are difficult to pronounce, including ones that come up in day to day conversation.

Here is a little challenge for you to practise the pronunciation of some of these words. First, match the word to the correct sentence and then practise saying it out loud. Use the links to dictionary.com to help you with the pronunciation of each word. Let me know if there are any other words you have difficulty with!

Lesson by Caroline

Pronunciation Practice

Gorgeous - listen
Daughter - listen
Island - listen
Clothes - listen
Scissors - listen
Cough - listen
Height - listen
Would - listen
Language - listen
Tongue - listen

Add the correct missing words to the spaces below:


  • 1. Please can you lend me some ? I need to cut this up.
  • 2. I have two sons and a .
  • 3. The Isle of White is a small off the south coast of England.
  • 4. I have a really bad and I feel awful.
  • 5. Careful you don't burn your , that coffee is really hot!
  • 6. Spanish is a difficult to learn because the grammar is very confusing.
  • 7. I love to see you next week, are you free one evening for dinner?
  • 8. My room looks now I've redecorated it.
  • 9. He gets bullied sometimes because of his , he's six foot seven and only 14 years old.
  • 10. I need some new , none of mine fit anymore.