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Quantity nouns: a pair of, a tube of, a slice of

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Quantity nouns are the particular sets of words, such as phrases or terms, that you use to tell the quantities of certain things

Example: "Do you want a bottle of water?"

Of course, some quantity nouns have precise definitions and can only be used to tell the quantities of certain countable and uncountable nouns. Some of the special exceptions are:

  • (A pair of) only used for things which need 2 identical parts to form a proper set e.g. "a pair of gloves"
  • (A set of) only used for things which need more than one individual part to form a proper set e.g. "a set of rules"

When using quantity nouns, bear in mind that the things you tell the quantity of are plural (if they have a plural form). When the quantity itself is plural, make sure the quantity words are plural too.

Example: "A pair of sunglasses"
Example: "2 pairs of sunglasses"

You can add adjectives to quantity nouns if you want to provide more information e.g. "I'm so tired. I really need a strong cup of coffee!"

Lesson by Shaub

Fill in the blanks with correct quantity noun.

  • 1. I need to get a ___ of butter.

  • 2. Would you like a ___ of cake?

  • 3. I can't believe you finish a ___ of cereal every week! You must really love cereal!

  • 4. Mom is thinking about getting a new ___ of knives because hers aren't sharp enough anymore.

  • 5. Look at that huge ___ of work! How can I possibly finish it today?

  • 6. Can you get me a new ___ of toothpaste?

  • 7. Would it be possible to get me a ___ of brown bread?

  • 8. Can you grab me a ___ of pizza from the fridge?

  • 9. You really love reading! Is that a ___ of story books on your desk?

  • 10. I think I should buy another ___ of choc-chip cookies. It's so delicious!