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Quiz on Phrasal Verbs

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Here we go, you always want to learn more of them, so here they are. Take a look at the following ten sentences. The key words in each sentences can be replaced by a phrasal verb...but which one? Choose the correct phrasal verb from the three choices.


Link: phrasal verb quiz...test your knowledge!

  • Increase: "You need to INCREASE your speed. Run faster!"

  • Wait: "She asked me to WAIT until her husband arrives."

  • Visit: "Please VISIT me the next time you are in the neighbourhood."

  • criticise: "I don't like people who like to CRITICISE other people."

  • Mention: "In the meeting I'd like to MENTION Paul's retirement."

  • Continue:"Don't let me stop you. Please CONTINUE speaking."

  • Create: "We need to CREATE a new plan."

  • Decrease: "The problem is that sales always DECREASE at this time of the year."

  • Leave: "Please LEAVE the roof. You might fall."

  • Delay: "Snow will DELAY flights from leaving on time."