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Reading Comprehension and Questions

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Today we are going to do something a little different.

Take 3 minutes to read through what an EC student wrote about her time in Malta. When you have finished, answer the questions below. The student's name is Giulia Do.

Click here to be taken to today's reading exercise on the EC Malta blog:

EC FREESTYLE — Student Testimonials

Come back to this page to answer the questions.

Link: Culture Lesson 'Staying in Cape Town'

  • 1 - The student has been to Malta twice.

  • 2 - The first time Giulia came to Malta was the best.

  • 3 - The places and people in Malta made her trip so special.

  • 4 - What English level is Giulia?

  • 5 - You must join activities.

  • 6 - The negative side point is: