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Review Past Simple Tense

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Today we review the past simple tense. Change these ten verbs into the past simple tense and add them to the correct sentences.

catch cost hide sleep grow smell teach blow draw forgive

Think carefully about the tense and spelling!

Link: Verb Tense Review

  • 1. The little boy bubbles in the park and watched them float away.
  • 2. Police the criminal trying to escape from the house with the money.
  • 3. It me 50 dollars to get it repaired.
  • 4. Sandra me for forgetting her birthday.
  • 5. I was born in Brighton but I up in London.
  • 6. I your present in the house. See if you can find it.
  • 7. Samantha this picture all by herself.
  • 8. I was so tired that I until noon today.
  • 9. These flowers fresher yesterday.
  • 10. The teacher had already 2 lessons before we arrived.