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School Subjects

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Here is a vocabulary test with a twist! This test is based on school subjects, but rather than give you a definition of the subject I'm going to give you something that a teacher of this subject might say. Good luck!

School Subjects

Physical education
Maths/ mathematics

What was your favourite school subject? Least favourite?

Link: Education Vocabulary

  • 1. We are going to do an experiment today so make sure you put your lab coats and goggles on.
  • 2. That was really good, but I think you need to learn your lines a bit better before our next rehearsal.
  • 3. I'd like you to read up to chapter ten before the next class please. Really think about what the author is trying to say.
  • 4. During these exercises you may use your calculator.
  • 5. Before we start we need to warm up, jog around the field please.
  • 6. We are going on a field trip next week to look at how climate change is affecting our country.
  • 7. Which King of England had six wives?
  • 8. I want you to draw a portrait of the person sitting next to you.