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Since and Because

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Using 'since' and 'because' can be confusing, so here's the main difference between the two.

'Since' refers to time and 'because' refers to causation.

e.g. Since I quit drinking, I'm feeling much healthier.

e.g. Because I quit drinking I no longer suffer from headaches in the morning.

Fill in the blanks by using either 'since' or 'because'.

  • 1. we went strawberry picking, Tom's been craving strawberries and sweet fruit.
  • 2. I've been thinking about you November, when we met for dinner.
  • 3. Catherine doesn't drive of the accident she had two years ago.
  • 4. of last week's robbery, Jane is afraid of going to the supermarket.
  • 5. it's a public holiday tomorrow, all students are encouraged to take part in today's evening activity.
  • 6. Alexia cut her hair, everyone thinks she's looking really pretty.
  • 7. I can't concentrate of the heat! I'm feeling so tired...
  • 8. she stopped eating chocolate last week, she's eating more fruit!