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So and Such

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Here is an explanation of the uses of so and such:

So is used before an adjective or an adverb:
so big – so beautifully designed

Such is followed by a or an and is used before an adjective + a singular noun:
such a long time – such an incredible story

Such is used alone without the indefinite article a/an before plural nouns and abstract nouns such as information, advice, kindness, interest etc.
Such fools – such beautiful furniture – such generosity

Compare these sentences:

This book is so interesting.
This is such an interesting book.
Such interesting books are worth having.

I was amazed that the crowd was so big.
I was amazed that there was such a big crowd.

The situation was so complicated.
It was such a complicated situation.

She is so intelligent.
She is such an intelligent person.

Lesson by Nasreen, teacher at EC Cape Town English school

Now choose the correct option for the following:

  • 1. The view from the mountains is _ stunning it took my breath away.

  • 2. I didn’t expect _ generosity from Peter. He’s normally very hard.

  • 3. I’m happy that you had _ good time at the barbeque.

  • 4. Her hair was _ long that it fell to her waist.

  • 5. The sea looked _ inviting that we had to have a swim.

  • 6. He was _ quick learner that he was put in a more advanced class after two weeks.

  • 7. We ran into _ heavy traffic that we were stuck for over two hours.

  • 8. I had never seen _ many people in one place.

  • 9. I didn’t think I would come across _ difficulties on the training course.

  • 10. Wow! You’re _ smart.