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Spotlight on... breakfast!

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Some of us can’t live without the first meal of the day, others would much rather do without it. Then there are others who believe skipping it can contribute to weight gain!

Breakfast is generally seen as an essential part of a healthy diet. Some schools run breakfast to make sure their students start the day with a hearty meal and lots of energy.  However, not all of us can stomach this all-important meal so early in the day.

Studies held in Europe and US show that between 10% and 30% of people skip breakfast. Teenage girls are most likely to give it a miss: they say they don’t have time for it, don’t feel hungry or that they’re on a diet.

Missing breakfast for dietary reasons? Apparently, doing so will leave you hungry throughout the rest of the day and tempted to snack on high-calorie foods. This theory might sound rather plausible; only until you look for evidence that people who don’t care for breakfast end up consuming more calories than those who do.

How can you define breakfast? How much food makes up a real, proper breakfast and how early in the day does it need to be eaten?

People who eat breakfast do tend to have a more balanced diet, but it really depends on personal preference. The ‘evening types’ (people who crave late night snacks or meals) don’t feel hungry early in the morning. The best advice one can practise is follow your stomach - there's no use fighting it!

Lesson by Krista

  • 1. Do without it means:

  • 2. Skipping means:

  • 3. Essential means:

  • 4. Hearty means:

  • 5. Plausible means:

  • 6. Makes up means:

  • 7. Balanced means:

  • 8. Crave means: