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Subject verb agreement

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Take a look at the two following sentences. Which is correct?

'She likes flowers.'
'She like flowers.'

I hope that you said that the first sentence, 'She likes flowers is correct', is correct. But why is it correct?

Singular Subjects

In English, when the subject is singular (in the example above 'she'), we use a singular verb (verb + s), for example:

'My father works in a bank.'
'James takes the train to college.'

Plural and Multiple Subjects

When the subject is plural or multiple we use plural verbs:

Plural Subjects - 'They like flowers.'
Multiple Subjects - 'Sandra and Lucy live in Brighton.'

-ing subjects

When the subject is an -ing word we use a singular verb:

'Learning English is fun.'
'Using a computer is difficult.'

Each and Every

When we use each and every, we usually use singular verbs:

'Every worker  has to use this entrance.'
'Each car is given a full check.'

Link: Making Passive Sentences

  • My parents ___ in Hong Kong.

  • They all ___ toast.

  • Peter and Paul ___ basketball.

  • Studying ___ hard work.

  • Each employee ___ a uniform.

  • Simon, unlike his brother, __ tall.

  • Vietnamese food __ wonderful.

  • Vegetables ___ healthy.