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Suffix '-ness': Adjective to Noun

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There are lots of adjectives in English that we can convert into nouns by using 'ness'. A noun ending in 'ness' literally means the state of the original adjective.

For example, hungriness means ‘the state of being hungry. Below are ten sentences which require a noun ending in 'ness'.

Look at the adjectives below and guess which one goes in each sentence. Then add 'ness' and change spelling when needed.

Good luck!

Lesson by Caroline

Root Nouns

    • Happy
    • Tidy
    • Weak
    • Soft
    • Open
    • Aware
    • Mild
    • Nervous
    • Forgetful
    • Tired

Complete the following sentences with the correct missing noun, remember to add -ness:

  • 1. is really important for your health, you should smile more.
  • 2. is a real problem in my classroom. My students never remember their homework.
  • 3. is so important to my boyfriend. If the room is messy he gets really angry.
  • 4. I have such a for chocolate.
  • 5. The of the baby’s skin amazed me.
  • 6. of where your team members are when you’re playing a sport is really important.
  • 7. is taking over my life. I’m exhausted all the time.
  • 8. is really important for a strong relationship, you can’t have too many secrets.
  • 9. I have a real problem with every time I take my driving test.
  • 10. The of our products is guaranteed to make sure your skin stays safe.