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Summer Vocabulary

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The year can be separated into four seasons: spring, summer, autumn (fall in American English) and winter. Which is your favourite season of the year?

It's easy to have a good time in the summer when the sun is out. We can spend more time outside and the warm weather puts everyone in a good mood. From barbeques to hiking in the mountains, summer provides more opportunity to do fun stuff.

The summer is when students have holidays and we all go to the beach for a swim and to get a suntan. If you don't live near a beach then you can go to a green park for a picnic and kick a ball around.

We have to make sure that we drink plenty of water in the summer because the heat can dehydrate us. We should also protect ourselves from the sun by wearing sunscreen, hats and shades (sunglasses). Keep cool by wearing shorts and t-shirts and don't spend too much time in the sun. Make sure you spend time in the shade during the hottest part of the day…and eat plenty of ice-cream!

What's your favourite season and why?

What summer words are being talked about here? Choose the correct word in each sentence.

  • 1) Rub some ___ on your skin or you will burn.

  • 2) When there is water in the air it is ___.

  • 3) Another word for sunglasses is ___.

  • 4) When your skin turns brown from the sun you have a ___.

  • 5) We can describe a very hot day as being ___.

  • 6) Wear a pair of ___ to keep cool.

  • 7) If a girl wears a bikini a boy wears ___.

  • 8) Wear ___ when it's too hot for shoes.

  • 9) Go for a swim in the pool to cool ___.

  • 10) Stay out of the sun; move into the ___.