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Talking about jobs

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'What is your job?', is grammatically correct but not usually the way we ask someone's occupation. Instead we ask, 'What do you do?' or the longer form, 'What do you do for a living?'

Some common ways to answer are:


I'm a doctor/ teacher / artist.
I work for EC/Adidas/Vodafone - company name
I work in a bank/coffee shop/factory - type of business/industry
I work on a farm/boat/oil rig - we use the preposition on with these types of locations and industries.

Describing jobs

A person who + verb

What's a baker? A person who makes bread.
What's a cobbler? A person who fixes shoes.
What's a vet? A person who treats sick animals.

A person whose + noun

What's a florist? A person whose job is to sell flowers.

Now answer these questions:

  • 1) What do you do for ___?

  • 2) I work ___ a shop.

  • 3) A mechanic is a person who ___ cars.

  • 4) ___ is a person who designs buildings.

  • 5) A person who flys an airplane is a ___.

  • 6) A person whose job is in space!

  • 7) A person who takes care of sick people is a ___.

  • 8) A fisherman is someone who ___ fish.

  • 9) A waiter is a person who ___ food in a restaurant.

  • 10) ___ is a person who maintains financial records.