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Too much or too many?

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Important tip: much is always used together with an uncountable noun (like 'oil' or 'water') while many is always used with nouns that are countable (like 'table' or 'computer')

It's also good to know that 'too' means that you don't like the situation, for example, "There is too much food on my plate" means that you're not happy about it.

Here's an exercise to help you practice. Good luck!

Lesson by Seb, teacher at EC Cape Town English school

Link: uncountable and countable nouns

  • 1. Jack always gives too ___ bad advice, you shouldn't trust him!

  • 2. Tokyo is very crowded, there’s just too ___ people!

  • 3. Some people have too ___ money and too much time. What do they do with it all?

  • 4. Venice in summer has too ___ tourists that visit each year.

  • 5. My city has too ___ traffic during rush hour.

  • 6. There are just too ___ cars on the road!

  • 7. In my opinion Windows Vista had too ___ problems. I prefer Windows 7.

  • 8. Parts of Africa have too ___ heat and sunshine, especially in summer.

  • 9. I'm so busy! I have too ___ things to do today!

  • 10. My friend Lily is addicted to too ___ videogames. She can play for hours sometimes!