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What does Pre mean?

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A prefix is placed before a base word to modify its meaning.

Examples of prefixes include:

return, reply, return

unkind, untrue, uncertain

misunderstand, misprint, mistrust

Pre prefix words

Pre is a prefix which means before, prior to, early and in front of.

I predict Chelsea will beat Manchester United 2-1.
I have a prepay phone so I need to buy some credit.
Preheat the oven to 180°C for ten minutes before putting in the pizza.
I saw a 5 minute preview of the new Tom Hanks movie, it looks really good.
As a safety precaution we are not allowed to use candles in our rooms.

Now decide which re word is being described. Type your answers in the spaces provided, use lowercase and be careful with your spelling:

  • 1) To see something before someone else (7 letters):
  • 2) A measure taken in advance to prevent harm (10 letters):
  • 3) To say that something will happen in the future (7 letters):
  • 4) To heat an oven to a particular temperature before you put food in it to cook (7 letters):
  • 5) To pay to use before you can use it (6 letters):