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Music Lesson - Scarlett Johansson 'Falling Down'

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Watch this video and then do the exercise.

 It's not uncommon for musicians to appear in films or actors to make music. We've recently seen Hollywood star Jared Leto make a fairly credible musical impact with his band 30 Seconds to Mars.

Today we're looking at Scarlett Johansson’s effort, Falling Down, which seems to have divided critics. Some people say she has a terrible voice and should stick to acting!  What do you think of it? Personally, I love it!

Listen to the song and try and complete the missing lyrics. Good luck.

  • I’ve come miles just to see a halo
  • Come from St. Petersburg Scarlett and
  • Well I open my eyes I was as can be
  • When you give a man luck he must in the sea
  • And she wants you to and get caught
  • For she loves you for all that you’re //When you’re falling down (repeats)
  • You forget all the roses don't come around on
  • She's not gonna choose you for so tall
  • Go on and take a swig of that and like it
  • And don't ask for don't ask for nothing
  • Go on and put your to the ground
  • You’ll be hearing that //Falling down (repeats)
  • Go on down and see that wrecking ball come on along
  • Everyone knew that was a goner
  • They all the windows they took all the door knobs
  • And they hauled it in a couple of days
  • Now someone yell timber and take off your
  • It's a lot down here on the ground//You're falling down(repeats)…