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make sentences!

make sentences!

 can you ppl please help me make sentences from the words given below:

alliance (a relationship formed btw countries or groups for a joint purpose)

broach (1. cause to feel isolated. 2. lose the support or sympathy)

alienate (1. raise a subject for discussion. 2. pierce a container)

chortle (laugh loudly)

transpose (1. cause two or more things to change places. 2. move to a different place or situation.)

cogitate (think deeply)

dragoon (force into doing something a member of certain British regiments)

woebegone (sad or miserable)

yore (literally. long ago)

unslicited (not asked for)

therapeutic (1. the curing of a disease. 2. having a good effect on the body and mind)

snuggle (settle into a warm comfortable position)

reproach [1. (v) express disapproval of or disappointment with. 2. (n) an act of reproaching]

shortfall (an amt. by which something is less than what is reqd.)

sedulous (dediacted n careful)

razzmatazz (informal noisy, showy, and exciting activity or display)

pretentious (trying to appear more imp. or better than u actually are)

pawnbroker (a person licensed to lend money in exchange for an item left with them)

warble (sing with constantly changing notes)

transcend [1. (v) be or go beyond the range of limits of. 2. be better than]


i've given all the meanings of the words above. hope that makes it easier for you. i would be really grateful if u could make sentences from the words above n reply to this post. :)