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Need help in solving analogies

Need help in solving analogies

1: audacious is to trepidation as:
a)loquacious is to apathy
b)irrational is to reason
c)licentious is to pride
d)impudent is to confidence
e)timorous is to afraid

2: reckless is to caution as
a)deliberate is to thought
b)silly is to intent
c)mean is to compassion
d)alert is to sleep
e)angry is to prudence

3: unpardonable is to forgive as
a)impregnable is to attack
b)egregious is to counteract
c)genial is to love
d)intermittent is to eliminate
e)inauspicious is to revisit

4: cheese is to eat as
a)wound is to hurt
b)climb is to tree
c)clean is to napkin
d)shirt is to wear
e)lettuce is to leaf

5: Towel is to dry as
a) dish is to spoon
b)saw is to cut
c) gem is to sparkle
d)bowl is to wash
e) razor is to sharp

6: invisible is to see as
a)unattainable is to reach
b)intolerable is to condemn
c)intentional is to reverse
d)imperfect is to improve
e)innate is to recover

7: watch:scrutinize
c) contend:dispute

8: partition is to separate as
a)gun is to abduct
b)refrigerator is to cool
c)cage is to feed
d)door is to close
e)field is to wander