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Idiom of the day 'Heart into'

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Heart into

Today's cartoon is based on the idiom Put your heart into something:

When you put your heart into something you make a lot of effort to do something.
"He's the kind of person who puts his heart into his job."
"She wanted her company to be a success and really put her heart into it."

Phrasal Verb - Back Up

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Phrasal Verb - Pick Up

Average: 2.8 (9 votes)

Phrasal Verb - Put One's Foot Down

Average: 3.5 (23 votes)

This month's joke is based on the double meaning of the idiom put one's foot down:

1 - To put your foot down - To act firmly / To tell someone strongly that they must do something or that they must stop doing something:
"You can't just let him do what he wants, you'll have to put your foot down."

Cartoon - Break Off

Average: 3.8 (8 votes)

This month's joke is based on the double meaning of the phrasal verb break off:

1 - Break off: To separate or become separated, as by twisting or tearing:
"Do you want some of my chocolate? I'll break off a piece for you."

Cartoon - Cut it

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Cut It - Learn English Cartoon

We use scissors to cut paper. Cut can be used as a verb. Did you know that cut is used in a common English idiom? Read on...

Cartoon - Ahead

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This month let's take a look at the word ahead. In the cartoon go on a head means put on, but this what we can mean by ahead:

Phrasal Verb - Hit On

Average: 3.7 (11 votes)

Let's take a look at the word hit. In the cartoon we can see two different meanings:

Hit - (verb) to strike something.

"I hit the spider with my shoe."

'Hit' as a Phrasal Verb

Hit (on) something - (phrasal verb) to realise something or to think of an idea unexpectedly.

Phrasal Verb - Make Up

Average: 3.6 (19 votes)

You've probably heard make up used as a noun for cosmetics, but did you know that it's also used as a phrasal verb?

Make up - (noun) a cosmetic worn on the face to change your appearance.

Make up - (phrasal verb) to forgive / apologise with someone and to be friends again after a fight or argument.

Phrasal Verb - Look Up

Average: 3.7 (12 votes)

 As you know, we look up at something that is above us. For example you can look up at a tall building or look up at a bird in the sky. But did you know that it can also be used in the following way:

Look Up- get better; improve.

'The weather was terrible earlier, now it's starting to look up.'

'After a terrible start, sales for the month are finally looking up.'