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Prepositions Practice

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'This book was written ___ Charles Dickens.'


It's time to test your understanding of prepositions. Take a look at the ten sentences and choose the correct preposition.

Link: Test your Prepositions knowledge!


Can you guess the tenses?

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Let's review some present and past verb tenses. Here you can see eight tenses; read through them to remind yourself of how they are used and then match the tenses to the sentences. The example sentences use the verb eat : eat / ate / eaten

present simple

I eat it.

present continuous

I am eating it.

Improve your grammar - new comparative forms!

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We have previously looked at how to make comparative adjectives using the following structure:

Cool becomes Cooler
Interesting becomes more interesting

Verb Tense Review

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It's time to review your knowledge of verb tenses. All you have to do is read through the ten sentences below and choose the correct missing verb in each one. Use the base form of each verb in brackets to help you and only use one word in your answer.  Make sure you spell the words correctly.


Link: Verb Tense Review

Speculating about past events

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 'It must have been a UFO.'

Imagine that you go to your friend's house, but when you knock on her door there is no answer. You then notice that her car is not there, so the conclusion you come to is that she must have gone out.

Test your Pronoun knowledge!

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'This is her' or 'This is she'?

His and Hers

His and hers are possessive pronouns. They are used to substitute a noun and to show possession or ownership.

Example: This hat is hers.

Comparative Adjectives

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When we want to compare two things we use comparative adjectives. For example:

'Canada is colder than America.'
'Tokyo is more expensive than Barcelona.'
'Barcelona is less expensive than Tokyo.'

Prepositions plus '-ing'

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Take a look at the following two sentences - which one is correct and why?

Are you interested in studying English?
Are you interested in study English?

That's right, the first sentence is correct. But why?

What are Split Infinitives?

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To go is an infinitive. In many languages, infinitives are made up of one word; however, in English they are made of two. You may have learned in school that you should never split an infinitive - this is not true. In today's English, it is perfectly acceptable to split infinitives.

Review: It's and Its

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Some time ago, we looked at the difference in use between it's and its. Please take a moment to review the key information by following the link to the lesson below. When you think that you have understood, try the exercise. 

Link: It's and Its