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'Alien' April Fools' story angers Jordan mayor

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Read this recent news story and place the words into the correct places:

A Jordanian mayor is considering _A_ a newspaper over an April Fools' Day report saying aliens had landed nearby.

Al-Ghad's front-page story on 1 April said flying saucers _B_ by 3m (10ft) creatures had landed in the desert town of Jafr, in eastern Jordan.

It said communication networks went down and frightened townspeople _C_ into the streets.

Review Past Simple Tense

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Today we review the past simple tense. Change these ten verbs into the past simple tense and add them to the correct sentences.

catch cost hide sleep grow smell teach blow draw forgive

Think carefully about the tense and spelling!

Link: Verb Tense Review

Prepositions Quiz - Mixed Level

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It doesn't matter what level of English you have, it's always important to practice your knowledge of prepositions.

Brush up on your understanding with this mixed exercise.

Choose the right preposition in each sentence.

Who will be the first person to get 10/10? Which questions did you get wrong?

Link: Prepositions plus '-ing'

Your Questions of the Month

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These are the top questions we received from readers of our free newsletter, English in your Inbox , last month.

All questions are answered by Tim, a teacher at  EC Brighton English school.

Verbal Expressions - There is/are - It is

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Complete the following sentences using the correct phrases from this list. Do not type in the phrase; type in the number next to each phrase.

1 - It was
2 - It will
3 - There were
4 - It is
5 - There are
6 - It has been
7 - There is
8 - There has been
9 - It will be
10 - There will be

Link: Verb Practice

Gerunds and Infinitives

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A Gerund is a verbal noun - it is a verb acting as a noun. Gerunds are made by adding -ing to the base verb e.g. watch / watching.

Gerunds can either be the subject or object of a verb:

Gerund as a subject: "Skiing is great."
Gerund as an object: "I love skiing."

Gerunds are often used after state verbs e.g.

Quantifiers for Intermediate Students

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Read the text about Cape Town and try to put the correct nouns in the spaces.

activities / cultures / countries / pubs / time / awareness / tourists / fun / systems / policemen / restaurants / attention / peace / things / beaches / people / crime / resources / cameras / focus

Verb-noun collocations for Elementary students

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EC Students in Cape Town

There are certain verbs that always go with certain nouns. We call this a collocation. Read 3 diary entries of a few students and choose the correct verbs from the box below to fill in on the blank space. Each verb can be used more than once.

Reported Speech and Reporting Verbs

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Reported speech

Direct speech and reported speech are the two ways we can say what someone has said.

Directed speech: "I am your neighbour," said James.

Reported speech: James said that he was my neighbour.

Present Simple and Present Continuous

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