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Find the mistakes...can you?

Average: 3.2 (13 votes)

Read these ten sentences. Are they OK? Do they have any mistakes? There are some, but how many? When you think that you have found all the mistakes click on Show Answers (below) for a full explanation.

1 - I have a lot of informations to remember.

2 - She speaks English good.

3 - Have you ever drank German beer?

4 - In the summer we always go to swimming.

5 - Each of these chocolates are tasty.

Preposition Questions

Average: 3.8 (14 votes)

Prepositions: small words that cause big problems!!

Let's see how good you are with them. Read through these ten sentences and correct the correct preposition.

That's it...nothing else to say!

Link: 10 prepositions questions

Non-count and count quantifiers

Average: 3.6 (55 votes)

Past Participle Review

Average: 3.5 (13 votes)

Eat - Ate - Eaten. 'Eaten' is a past participle verb, but how and when is it used? Here's a quick review and quiz.

The past participle is used in both active and passive sentences:

Using 'Pre'

Average: 3.2 (13 votes)

Prefix: an affix placed before a base or another prefix, as un- in unkind, un- and re- in unrewarding.

Pre-: a prefix occurring originally in loanwords from Latin, where it meant before. It can also mean prior to, in advance of, early beforehand, before, and in front of.

10 Prepositions Questions

Average: 3.3 (78 votes)

Prepositions link nouns, pronouns and phrases to other words in sentences.

There are lots of prepositions and choosing the right one can be difficult.

Most English learners find the best way to learn them is through practising, practising.... and then practising again!

So come on - it's time to get busy practising!

Link: Prepositions + '-ing'

David Beckham Exercise

Average: 3 (11 votes)

Unless you live on the moon, you must know who David Beckham is!

The English footballer is one of the most famous people in the world. Here we take a little look at his life with a focus on your English grammar.

You don’t need to be a football fan to answer these questions – the important thing with this exercise is the sentence structure. Read the sentences carefully to get a good idea of the missing words.

Beyonce Lesson

Past Simple Tense Review

Average: 4 (22 votes)

Time for a basic review of the past simple tense. All you have to do is complete the sentences using the past simple tense. 

I expect you all to get 10/10! Can you do it? Don't disappoint me!

Past Simple Tense

Questions and Answers Match

Average: 3.6 (14 votes)

Take a look at the following eight answers and decide which questions are the best match.

Link: Question and Answer Match

Review Verb Tenses

Average: 3.9 (16 votes)

Everyone loves English grammar...right?

I know you think grammar is confusing and probably pretty boring, but understanding the basics is important.

The following ten questions all use simple (as in 'easy') grammar structures.  Take a few minutes to try the exercise and be sure to read each question carefully. With a little thought you should be able to get them all correct.