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How to use Play, Do and Go

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'Do yoga? Play yoga? Go yoga?'

We use the verbs play, do and go with sports and activities. Here is the information you need to know to use them correctly:


Play is used with ball sports or competitive games where we play against another person:

Past Simple or Past Participle?

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When to use the simple past tense

We use the simple past tense for actions that began and finished in the past. We do not have to say exactly when. The important thing is that it happened and is not happening now.

'I saw it'

When to use the past participle

The past participle is used with the following tenses:

Giving advice

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Here are some ways which we can give give advice or make recommendations:

For example, imagine that your friend is worried that she is getting fat. She asks you for some advice. You can respond using the following phrases:

Have something done

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Take a look at these two sentences. What is the difference in meaning between them?

'I cut my hair.'
'I have my hair cut.'

'I cut my hair' means that I do it myself.
'I have my hair cut means someone cuts my hair for me (in this case it's probably a hairdresser).

We use have something done to mean another person does a service for us.

How to use Reported Speech

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We use reported speech when we want to repeat what someone had previously said.

Let's look at the difference between direct speech and reported speech:

Direct Tomie said = 'I am tired.'

Past tense verb practice

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Complete the following ten sentences below by using the past simple verb or past participle tense of the verb in brackets. Be careful with your spelling.

Link: irregualar verb list

Link: simple past tense

Link: past perfect simple

Which sentences have mistakes? Part 3

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Decide which of the following sentences are wrong.

Read the following ten sentences and decide if any have mistakes. If you get some answers wrong, you can click on why below to find out what is wrong with the mistake sentences.


Parts of Speech - Nouns

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'What type of noun is woman?'

You probably know that a noun is a type of 'thing'. For example 'table' and 'car' are both types of nouns. Here we take a look at all the different types of nouns there are and how to spot them:

The position of Phrasal Verbs

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'Take it easy' or Take easy it'?

changing the position of objects in phrasal verbs

Phrasal Verbs can often be split when they use an object. For example we can say:

'I'm going to take off my shirt.'
'I'm going to take my shirt off'.

How to use adverbs

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'He carefully held his granddaughter.'

Adverbs are used to give us more information and are used  to modify verbs, clauses and other adverbs.

The difficulty with identifying adverbs is that they can appear in different places in a sentence.