Undergraduate Track

The USA is the most popular study abroad destination for international students. Follow this Track to be a step ahead of the competition for undergraduate places.

Among our partner universities you will find high ranked institutions, small private colleges and large state universities. This diversity will allow you to choose a university and program to suit your individual needs.


  • Know what you want to study or have a specific educational goal in mind
  • Are confident in your choice of university
  • Need or want to have conditional acceptance for four years of study
  • Desire the traditional American education experience
  • Want to start earning credit towards your major from day one at university

The flexibility, diversity and prominence of the US education system has attracted international students to America for decades. With over 18 million students enrolled in these institutions, international students make up approximately 4% of the total undergraduate university population.

With over 4,000 universities and countless majors to choose from, we will ensure you are completely ready for an undergraduate degree in the US.

With conditional admissions available at selected universities, you can bypass the uncertainty of leaving your home country with no set plans. You can apply to your choice of partner university and be guaranteed an undergraduate placement before you even begin your course, provided that you complete the Foundation Program.

This Track can also prepare you for a toefl or sat exam. Many students choose to take one of these optional exams to help focus their study or to attend a non-partner university.