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Your Wellbeing

Support and Safety at EC

Your welfare is our top priority

At EC, you’ll find a fantastic team of professionals ready to support and guide you every step of the way. From the moment you arrive in the country until the time you return home proudly holding your EC certificate, we’re here to look out for you. Whether you’re in the classroom or out exploring your chosen destination, your EC family is available to handle any issues that might come up. In addition, all our security measures are up-to-date for maximum safety and peace of mind across all our Young Learner schools.

In Class

Our teachers make your lessons fun, interesting and filled with the tools you need to succeed at EC. To further ensure your safety, we take attendance throughout the day so that we know all our students are accounted for and ready for the day’s exciting activities.

At School

You’ll be surrounded by efficient staff who make sure everything is running smoothly during your EC experience. You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers! Your EC family is ready to help with anything you might need.

Out & About

Your friendly, responsible Activity Leaders will take you on all your action-packed excursions. They will even participate in the activities with you, so you can take full advantage of their knowledge even while you’re having fun!

At Home

Whether you’re getting a taste of local life in a homestay, or staying with other students at one of our residences or on campus, our accommodation providers and residence supervisors ensure that you’re comfortable and happy.

Choose your dream destination

Amazing destinations you will love in the USA, Canada, UK, Ireland and Malta.

Not sure which programme is right for you?

EC offers a broad range of courses to help you meet your goals. Let us help you find the perfect programme for you.

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