• Igor Yuzvinskiy
    It’s the best English school in San Francisco
  • Hyo Jin Kang
    My life in Boston is full of experiences I will never forget
  • Ana Esteban
    I chose EC School after analysing four other schools
  • Asami Tomaru
    I think the staff are very kind and the teachers are very interesting
  • Jacqueline Fischer
    The staff are happy to assist you any time
  • Celia Germani
    you can ask what you want if you have any problems
  • Beat Stadelmann
    I made a lot of progress and I'm sure I'll be back soon.
  • Ronald Sidi
    I will remember these four weeks in an amazing school that has enriched my life, and I had an unforgettable experience.
  • Sandra Jaramillo
    I chose EC Boston because I think is the best city to study.
  • Mazen Albowq
    Saudi Arabia
    the teachers are very experienced and they fit my expectations
  • Junko Kudo
    EC NY is located just on Times Square
  • Hadi Saeed
    Saudi Arabia
    I won't forget my time here.
  • Seref Tarakgi
    I never got bored in his class, I learned very well
  • Hsin Yi Yang
    I know how wonderful life in San Diego is
  • Aboubacar Zoure
    Burkina Faso
    if I want to improve my English, I should study at EC
  • Nouf Nasser H Alotaibi
    Saudi Arabia
    the teachers are professional and there are friendly students
  • Josepha Ngan
    the school is nice and the teachers are friendly
  • Ilaria Parini
    My life in New York was wonderful
  • Claudia Milena Gutierrez
    lessons are creative and dynamic
  • Aline Herr
    I really liked meeting new people and making new friends
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