6 Very Irish Traditions For Christmas in Dublin

.Today we are moving north to colder, more wintry climes. To that lovely, friendly nation right on the edge of northwestern Europe: Ireland! EC Dublin are no strangers to creative ways to get into the festive spirit; their Christmas tree alone is a beauty this year with those white roses. We’l … Read more

Christmas in Sydney: 6 Ways to Celebrate Like a Local

December is here! We all know that means only one thing. The countdown to Christmas begins TODAY! We’re talking snowy scenes, the big man in a red suit, or as he’s usually known, Santa Claus, and we’ll take any excuse to spend time with friends and family. In Sydney, as in the rest … Read more

12 of the Most Disgusting English Words

Last week we wrote about 15 of the most beautiful words in English. We collected them from non-native speakers and this week, we’ve done the same. We asked people to tell us what the ugliest, most disgusting words in English are. It can be for what the word means or how it sounds, it all depends on … Read more

15 of the Most Beautiful English Words

There’s nothing like a fresh stock of vocabulary to boost your English language ability and this week we wanted to give you a little treat. Below are some of the most beautiful words in English. Beautiful for how they sound or for what they mean. Maybe even both sometimes. Try them out. Put th … Read more

How to Celebrate Thanksgiving Like an American

Thursday 28th November is Thanksgiving 2019 in the US, and what a great time to be there! This holiday is traditionally celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November, as decided by President Roosevelt in 1941. However, it’s a tradition dating back to the 17th century, when native Wampanoag Indians a … Read more

Creepy English Idioms Hallowe'en

10 Creepy English Idioms to Use This Hallowe’en!

Happy Hallowe’en!! Welcome to the world when it’s closest to the other side. A night when shadows seem to suddenly take on the form of something else. When you’re not sure if you just heard a knock on the wall or… are you? When you find yourself glancing over your shoulder as you walk down a d … Read more

9 New English Words to Discuss Climate Change Like a Native

Today’s theme is the environment. The environment is a popular and important topic of discussion these days as we daily hear of the impact we have on the world around us. We’ll be looking at how to use relevant words on the topic in order to improve your vocabulary. It will also equip you for partic … Read more

EC English Halloween activities

EC Destinations That Scream Hallowe’en!

Hallowe’en is becoming more and more of a popular celebration every year. It’s a time when you see kids running through the streets knocking on doors for sweets and candies. You will notice people hanging decorations of ghosts and witches in the windows of their homes and businesses. The weather is … Read more