5 Best destinations for English language students over 30

Our 30+ schools are for students who are more mature, and who have greater experience in life and in the professional world. Our 30+ courses are tailored to your specific needs so the courses will be relevant to you. You’ll also have access to our exciting activity programme where you can see … Read more

Our second school in Cambodia | United World Schools

In 2016, EC partnered with United World Schools in order to make education accessible to children who would otherwise not have access to education. We began by building a well in the village of Ban Houy, Cambodia. Ban Houy is a small village home to 165 children and their families, and this well pro … Read more

our top 8 free ebooks about learning English

EC’s Best FREE eBooks – World Book Day 2018

In celebration of World Book Day, we are highlighting our top 8 free ebooks about learning English that you can download here! Read on to find out which are the most popular and how they can help you kickstart your English-learning journey. 1| The Ultimate Guide to Learning English Abroad Thinking a … Read more

EC English Language Schools is proud to announce that we have won the Study Travel Star Award for the Best Chain School

EC wins ST Star Award for Best Chain School, again!

EC English Language Schools is proud to announce that we have won the Study Travel Star Award for the Best Chain School. Not only did we win this year, this is the 4th time we have won this award and the 3rd year in a row! Winning this award is a celebration of not only the great service we provide … Read more

International photography day

EC Photography Day Competition

In celebration of International Photography Day, we asked our followers to submit their best EC experience photos using the hashtag #ECPhotoDay. We picked the top 5 photos and selected one lucky winner who will win a 50€ voucher for online shopping! 5| Views of Valletta, Malta View this post on Inst … Read more

6 Great reasons to make friends from around the world

One of the best reasons to learn English abroad is the experiences you will have with people from all around the globe. Friends are an important part of your English journey, from having people to hang out with during your exciting social programme to practising your English in an everyday environme … Read more

Nick Di Zinno

EC San Diego Teacher Spotlight: Nick Di Zinno

Background information: Born and raised in San Diego, California; studied Communications and Italian at UC Davis and lived and worked for 8 years in Rome, Italy before coming back to San Diego and finding my second home at EC San Diego. Years spent teaching: 8 years in Rome at The New British Centre … Read more

EC Malta Teacher Spotlight: Susan Arena

Background information: I come from England, from a city called Wolverhampton which I left at the age of 18. After that I lived in Chester and North Wales before moving to Malta 32 years ago when I got married. I have one daughter and 5 dogs–I love animals 😊. I enjoy music, art, theatre and ci … Read more

In the News

In the News: Double Negatives

  Double negatives have been all over the news lately. A double negative is defined as using two negative words in the same sentence, which results in a positive meaning. Double negatives are common in informal speech but should generally be avoided because they are confusing. If this is hard f … Read more

7 Words to Know Before the World Cup Final

Are you ready for the final matches of the World Cup this weekend? Why not refresh your vocabulary with seven vocabulary words to know while watching the World Cup. If you want to learn more, take a look at our English courses available in six English-speaking countries around the world! Qualify To … Read more