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Students from all over the world come to learn English in one of our amazing destinations

Ready to start your adventure? Choose from some of the world's most exciting cities in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Malta and South Africa as the setting for your amazing life experience. From Times Square in New York to Canada's beautiful lakes, to the sunny islands of Malta, you'll always find your EC school carefully designed for effective learning in the heart of the action.


Our schools in the US offer a range of courses to suit every student. Whether you want to study for work, to move further into education or simply to broaden your horizons, you’ll find the facilities and teachers to make it happen, located in the most fantastic cities.


Where snow-peaked mountains join freshwater lakes, and huge forests meet thriving, cosmopolitan cities, Canada has an endless array of landscapes. And as the world’s second largest country, with two official languages - English and French - and an eclectic mix of cultures, Canada really has it all.

United Kingdom

The UK continues to be the world’s number one English language learning destination and it’s not difficult to see why. Study English in the UK for a unique experience. Deciding where to take an English course in England will be the hardest part of your trip. There are so many great cities to choose from.


Ireland is an interesting mix of tradition and history, and forward-thinking modernity. The beating heart of this country is Dublin, one of the oldest and most culturally rich cities in Europe. Fine museums and art galleries highlight Dublin’s long and colourful past, while the pubs and cafes buzz are alive with traditional and contemporary entertainment.


Small and easy to explore, Malta is a charming and friendly place to learn English. Relax on the beach or visit one of the island’s many places of interest. Malta never fails to put a smile on your face. Not only sunny and bright, Malta is steeped in history and has great natural beauty from neolithic temples to crystal clear sea.

South Africa

The appeal of South Africa lies in its diversity. It is a multicultural country where old and new come together to make something spectacular. Cape Town is a highlight, home of Table Mountain and endless natural beauty.

Choose a 30+ English school designed for adults aged 30 and above

Improve your English in one of our English schools exclusively for adults aged 30 and above, where you can enjoy a rewarding educational experience in a mature and supportive environment, perfect for making lifelong connections while exploring an exciting destination.


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