Learn English in the USA

Last year, in the USA we taught English to over 6000 students, of 83 different nationalities

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Why study English in the USA?

With its enormous, awe-inspiring landscapes and cities, the USA is a destination that cannot be missed. From the great Ivy League universities to the pop music industry and the bright lights of Hollywood, the USA’s infectious culture influences the English language spoken around the world.

Choose from our schools in Boston, New York, Washington DC, San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Miami,

You also have the opportunity to transfer between one school and another, if you wish to make the most of your time with EC in the U.S.A. 

  • You cannot help falling in love with the USA!
  • Learn English in 7 famous American cities
  • Be part of a fun and friendly global community
  • Be better prepared for a successful, international career
  • Explore our growing network of partnerships with American universities
  • Experience all the action, spirit, and adventure of America.

Our English Schools

Incredible locations

Take a step outside any EC school and find yourself in the heart of an exciting, vibrant city, with sights and attractions all around you.

Modern schools

We offer the best environment for effective learning and positive, informal interaction. Our schools are stylish, comfortable and have the latest technology.

Best staff

The EC team exists to support you and ensure you have an amazing time with us. Professional, helpful and friendly, you will receive the best service.

Global community

Our students come from over 140 countries worldwide. Learn about different cultures, broaden your world view and make lasting friendships as you improve your English.

The Multi-Destination Experience

If you want to see more of America, take advantage of our Multi-Destination option, which allows you to study at multiple EC schools.

We will pass your records between our Academic teams to ensure a smooth transition. You may also benefit from preferential rates as cost is calculated on the total duration of your course.

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