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Escape to the Country!

Escape (verb) To break free of a confined space (e.g. I need to escape from Manchester) We all know that Manchester is the greatest city


A bookworm –  (noun): A person who loves reading and studying Dear readers if there’s one thing I know, it’s that you’re reading this right


Okay, so you’ve finally done it. You’ve booked an IELTS test and very very soon you’ll be sitting in an examination room with students from

Interview: A Teacher’s First Week!

For today’s blog, I asked one of the brand new teachers at EC to answer a few incredibly professional questions about her first few weeks at EC Manchester and what it’s like being the new guy!


North West Wisdom

Culture shock (noun) A strange feeling of confusion when you are suddenly placed into a new environment / way of life. Okay, so you’re a

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