Where snow-peaked mountains join freshwater lakes, and huge forests meet thriving, cosmopolitan cities, Canada has an endless array of landscapes. And as the world’s second largest country, with two official languages - English and French - and an eclectic mix of cultures, Canada really has it all.

Our schools

Incredible locations

Take a step outside any EC school and find yourself in the heart of an exciting, vibrant city, with sights and attractions all around you.

Modern schools

We offer the best environment for effective learning and positive, informal interaction. Our schools are stylish, comfortable and have the latest technology.

Best staff

The EC team exists to support you and ensure you have an amazing time with us. Professional, helpful and friendly, you will receive the best service.

Global community

Our students come from over 140 countries worldwide. Learn about different cultures, broaden your world view and make lasting friendships as you improve your English.

Why should you study in Canada?

There are three schools for you to choose from and each one is located right where all the culture, entertainment, fabulous shopping and vibrant nightlife are.

Montreal is the world’s largest bilingual city, Toronto is Canada’s biggest and most multicultural city while Vancouver is loved for its beaches, mountains and parks.


Find yourself in beautiful, natural surroundings, wherever you go

Learn not one, but two languages – English and French

Explore the country’s unique culture

Enjoy a world of academic and social activities, with a Canadian flair


All our schools are fully accredited by the leading associations in their respective countries and also by major international organisations.

Accreditation means that we have been assessed by international organisations and found to have high levels of quality service.

The Multi-Destination Experience

If you can’t decide between destinations, you can take advantage of our Multi-Destination option, which allows you to study at multiple EC schools.

Records of your work and progress will be passed between the Academic Teams at the individual schools to ensure your transition is smooth, and you may also benefit from preferential rates as cost is calculated on the total duration of your course.