Valentine's Day Our Interns

Valentine’s Day at EC London 30+

Hello everyone, today we are celebrating Valentine’s Day at EC London 30+! There are heart-shaped garlands and balloons and love is definitely in the air! Our interns Tony,Victor and Ida were preparing for today by helping us blow up our lovely heart-shaped balloons.   Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day in your country? Do you send … Read more

Elodie’s testimonial about EC London 30+

I decided to study at EC because I have 44 years and there are special courses for people under 30+. The school is fantastic, very clear, very well equipped and teachers and courses are very serious and professional but never boring :). My most unforgettable memory of EC is the FRIENDLINESS OF THE STAFF ! … Read more

Scream edit small

The best way to make a change to your English pronunciation

Pumphrey’s Illustrated Pronunciation The Scream by E. Munch Today we will consider the sound of the letter r The letter r has many pronunciations, throughout the English-speaking world. Here we will try to pronounce it the standard Southern British way. Remember: British pronunciation is crazy. It will drive you mad trying to match up spelling and … Read more


What is Sport and Exercise Psychology?

It’s almost impossible to watch a sporting event these days without someone mentioning confidence or motivation or mindset! Sport Psychology is becoming more accepted in mainstream sport, let’s find out why… Sport Psychology is the study of people’s behaviour, thoughts, emotions and experiences in a sport or exercise environment. It focuses on 2 distinct areas … Read more


I scream, you scream, we all scream for gluten free, vegan “Cookies and Scream” Ice cream!

Cookies and Scream is a small bakery which offers a wide range of desserts, including warm and cool drinks. Cookies and Scream is multi-award winning, fully vegan and gluten free bakery in Camden Town, London. Every product is dairy, egg, wheat and gluten free. All bakes are low fat, low cholesterol and made with unrefined … Read more


Why you should study English in London!

When it comes to learning English, where’s a better place to study than London? Apart from making loads of new friends and improving your independence, studying abroad really helps your CV stand out because you will develop a global outlook that will be beneficial to any career you are planning to take up. Studying somewhere … Read more