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Centre Director: Vanessa Zuidema

EC New York:
1450 Broadway
14th Floor
New York

+1 (0) 212 490 0865 Bookings & Enquiries: +356 23 790555

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EC New York has an excellent location. Our English language school is in the heart of Manhattan in the exciting Times Square area. We offer you a great learning environment. Choose to improve your English with us and you will have a unique experience. We will give you great lessons, professional teachers, good-value accommodation and the chance to explore our amazing city!

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School Facilities

  • Classrooms

    16 bright and spacious classrooms.

  • Café

    NYC Deli located downstairs with all kinds of foods.

  • Wi-Fi

    Free wireless internet access throughout the centre.

  • Self-Study Room

    Self-Study room for all EC New York students.

  • Computers & Internet

    Access to 24 internet connected computers.

  • TV

    Student lounge with large TV screen for EC students.

Teacher Profiles

Meet some of our teachers who will help you reach your English goal.

1) Communication is the fabric that holds social interactions together (conversely, mis-communication can just as easily push these relationships apart). For me, teaching English is about inspiring and activating our students to not only understand the mechanics of the language itself, but to be willing to make mistakes and learn from them. I want our students to not only be inspired enough to use English everyday, but to also respect the power and significance that REAL communication plays ...full profile

Nicholas Allanach - English Language Teacher, New York Nicholas Allanach Teacher
...more teachers' profiles

Nationality Mix

Actual nationalities will vary over time so this may not be representative of the mix on your course.

  • Korean
  • Japanese
  • Swiss
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • French
  • Saudi Arabian
  • Brazilian
  • Others


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  • Subway stations very close to school
  • 5 mins from Grand Central Station
  • Right in the centre of Times Square
  • School on world-famous Broadway
  • One block from Bryant Park
  • Minutes from New York Public Library
  • A few blocks away from Rockefeller Center

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What students are saying about EC New York .

  • I love the theatre so I chose New York and I'm so satisfied with EC New York. There are nice
    Moonkyung Choi
  • I love New York. It's my favorite city because it's a mix of a lot of cultures. I have also met
    Astrid Caicedo
  • I chose New York because I had always wanted to live in one of the most inspiring and exciting
    Daily De De'a Diniz
  • I've been here for three months. EC school has the best teachers and the staff is very helpful! I
    Wagner Tybur
  • During the time that I was here I had a great experience: teachers, Classes, people in every single
    Laura Quinones
  • I have studied at EC New York for three weeks. I would recommend it to my friends if they want to
    Huang Tao
  • Teachers are so kind, friendly and their teaching method is very useful. Class was so enjoyable.
    Savas Yilmaz
  • I recommend EC New York because teachers and staff are really kind - I feel free to speak to them
    Junko Kudo
  • I like the school and the teachers. We are learning with fun. Every teacher is motivated.=) I think
    Cornelia Selig
  • I looked for English language schools on the internet and saw the testimonials of former students
    Soren Brunsgaard Husted
  • All the staff and the teachers are very kind. I'm in the TOEFL course and I think the lectures are
    Isaac Villanova Civera
  • I have been with EC New York for 5 months. I really recommend it because everyone is kind and I can
    Juan Andres Bravo
  • Does New York need any presentations? Central Park, the Fifth Avenue, Coney Island, the Brooklyn
    Alessio Crosa
  • I would recommend EC New York for the following reasons: professional, precise, high quality
    Elisa Rosin
  • I definetly recommend EC New York because there are very expert teachers and I had very good time
  • I would because recommend the teachers are really good and sympathetic, the courses are taught in a
    Quentin Decaillet
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