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Is My Attendance Important?

What We Expect

At EC Malta we take student attendance very seriously. We expect a minimum of 80% attendance. We want you to get the maximum benefit from your course!

As an example: if you miss 3 or more periods (GE/AY20) or 4 or more periods (GE/AY30 students) in any week then your attendance for that week will be less than 80%. 1 period = 2 lessons.


Every week we check students overall attendance and we issue a series of warnings for poor attendance. These warnings are as follows:

  1. A verbal warning or email
  2. A first written warning by email. We will also inform your agency.
  3. A second written warning by email and a meeting with the Director of Studies or the Student Services Manager. We will also inform your agency.
  4. A final written warning and a meeting with the Centre Director. We will also inform your agency.
  5. We terminate your course. *

* No certificate will be given.

If your attendance at the end of your course is less than 80% we will not issue your certificate. Please note that doctor’s certificates are no longer accepted as an excuse for absence.

We Are Here To Help

If you miss (or are likely to miss) lessons, then you must tell us as soon as possible. You can telephone +356-23 790 000 or after school hours +356- 99467078. If you have a genuine reason for absence, we may be able to help.

If you have a personal problem that you would like to discuss with someone in confidence, you can always contact the admin staff you feel comfortable speaking to.

Last reviewed: July 2016

Reviewer: Ingmar Albig, Centre Director

What is Bullying and Harassment?

Bullying and Harassment are types of abusive behaviour. This can take different forms:

  • It can be physical - such as hitting or kicking or pushing
  • It can be verbal - such as teasing or name-calling or threats
  • It can be non-verbal - such as ignoring or excluding someone
  • It can create an intimidating environment, or leave you feeling vulnerable or upset or threatened.
  • It can happen once, or it can be persistent.
  • It could occur in your class, residence, family or homestay – or even just walking down the street.

What is EC Malta's Policy?

Our policy is simple - we do not accept any kind of bullying or harassment, or other abusive behaviour. Our aim is to promote understanding and to embrace diversity.

Don't ignore it, Tell Someone!

Please tell us if you feel you are being harassed or bullied - or if you are worried about someone else.
You can talk to a member of staff that you feel comfortable with, or directly with the Centre Director Ingmar Albig (

Complaints procedure flowchart