Global Citizens do a “green” test on EC Cape Town

Students from the Global Citizenship Class and the Intermediate 4 Class of EC Cape Town had to do a “green” test on EC Cape Town. They surveyed our eco-friendliness and our care for the environment. They had to look at our recycling, reducing and re-using capabilities. They also had to ask some “green” questions to our staff and afterwards they had to give EC Cape Town a “green” score. They suggested a score of 70%! Suggestions for improving our environmental awareness were set as homework.   Intermediate 4 students and Hardie with the verdict.   Students in front of the main recycling area on the 5th floor. Theresa is responsible for the actual recycling. Dr. Baleel and Americo asked her about separating the garbage. Andiswa is also responsible for separating the actual garbage. Jessica and Kareem asked her about the handling of “food waste”.   America and HoYong asked some “green” questions to Nicoletta, our DOS. According to the survey Nicoletta is the “greenest” person at EC. She drives a small, eco-friendly car and she teaches her child to recycle!     Americo, Livia, Faruk and Dr. Baleel found something “green” in the library: An organic basked where students could place books which they had already read.   Tareq, Haithm, Alexandra and Iztehar asked Claudia some questions. Claudia is responsible for the environmental awareness at EC Cape Town. Well done Claudia!     Kareem and Jessica found a “green” notice at the photocopier.     Hoyong, Americo, Kareem and Jessica found something “green” in the library: An organic basked where students could place books which they had already read.   Jessica and Kareem asked Teacher Una if she switches off the lights when she leaves the classroom! Of course she does!                             … Read more

A visit to the Barcelona Childcare Facility.

Students and teachers from EC Cape Town visited the Barcelona Childcare Facility. This facility is located in Gugulethu, which is a suburb outside Cape Town. The activity was part of EC’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative. These lovely ladies prepared the snacks. The students and EC Cape Town donated fruit, starch and sweets. Students, teachers and children. The little one on the right came all the way from Libya! A little bicycle was donated by Teacher Una. Chancy, an EC Cape Town student, was also served. Ashraf, from Libya, served the children. A warm jersey was donated by Centre Director Chris. Behind them is a flourishing vegetable garden.  

International Food Festival

by Sheetal Makhan / AYC What connects us all as citizens of the world? Music is arguably an internationally spoken language, but we can also say that Food is an element that connects us. We decided that our EC Party, held on Friday 21 June 2013 will have a special twist. Since EC Cape Town is a melting pot of cultures from around the world, we used this to our advantage and asked groups of students to prepare food or drinks from their country. The result of hard work and effort put in by our students of different nationalities blew us away. In a space of 5 minutes, we were able to tickle our taste buds with cuisine from all corners of the globe. Party organizers, Nicola and Sheetal would like to extend sincere thanks to every student who prepared something and brought it to the party. It was such a success that we are contemplating a Part Two! Watch this space…

Donating Blankets to Barcelona Orphanage

by Sheetal Makhan / AYC With the winter chills in full swing in Cape Town, many of us are fortunate enough to climb into warm beds at the end of a long day. We seldom remember those who don’t have that privilege…until very recently when our students proved yet again that they have a very generous spirit. On Saturday, 15 June a group of students joined Chris, Tonia and Sheetal and spent the morning with the children of Barcelona House in Guguletu. With very generous donations from our students totaling just over R3000, we were able to purchase warm winter blankets for them. While some prepared snacks in the kitchen, others spent time outside taking advantage of the warm weather and played football. When everyone was tired out, we gathered back into the hall where lunch was served. Blankets were handed over to the children as well as some gifts, brought by some of our students. One in particular, Mohamed Khalil from Libya presented something very special. He personalized A4 sheets of paper for each child – as if it were a readymade frame! We set a task for the kids that they should draw something to show us on our next visit. Everyone left Guguletu feeling happy and uplifted. After all, it doesn’t take much to put a smile on a child’s face – except to show that you care enough to spend your time with those who really appreciate it!  

Giving Back Day

by Sheetal Makhan / AYC EC staff spent Saturday, 20 April 2013 helping stock a library for children in Barcelona, Guguletu. The children were delighted to spend a few hours playing games with teachers. The afternoon was ended with a delicious lunch prepared by the teachers for the kids. Another surprise followed – they were presented with gifts of clothing, some even made by one of our teachers, Una! We were blessed with beautiful weather and it was wonderful seeing the vegetable patch (which we planted last year) developing so well. We all agreed that giving children books to assist them with their education IS the best gift we could give on EC’s “Giving Back Day”! More pictures on the EC Cape Town Facebook page

Step Up for students at St Paul’s in Bo – Kaap

Some weeks ago EC Cape Town students took part in a raffle to raise funds for disadvantage learners. They bought tickets worth R15 from Centre Director Chris. A ticket entitled them to put forward a name of a teacher who they thought needed a relaxing massage. Lady Luck smiled upon Chimonay who was treated at the hand of a professional masseuse. The remaining money was used to buy shoes for disadvantaged learners at St. Paul’s Primary School in Bo-Kaap. On Tuesday, March 12 some EC Teachers and Students went to the school to hand over shoes and stationary to needy learners. Director of Studies Nicoletta, Teachers Chimonay, Tonia and Hardie were accompanied by Students Meral, Mohammed Abdulkarim, Anas and Haitham. The Special Needs Teacher, Ms. Mooi, rounded up seven students who received brand new shoes and stationary. They looked pleasantly surprised and said thank you with gratitude. The students who received new shoes and stationary were; Khanyisa, Thokozani, Seth, Inathi, Simamkele, Thandolwethu and Mihlali Booi. We sincerely want to thank the EC Cape Town students for opening their hearts and giving back to their local community. These gifts will make a contributing difference to the well being of the students and indirectly improve their academic progress. Hardie – teacher More pics to follow  

The lovely students at St. Paul’s in the Bo-Kaap

EC Cape Town has been giving the students at the St. Paul’s in Cape Town extra English classes for the last 10 months. The academic year is wrapping up now and we decided to reward these awesome students with a little gift from EC Cape Town. The students were very excited to receive an EC water bottle filled with candy, salty snacks and an eraser. Well done guys! C ya next year!

The lovely students from St. Pauls in Bo-Kaap!

EC Cape Town is committed to giving back to the community. At St. Paul’s school in Bo-Kaap there are some really cool students. We’ve been teaching them after school for the last few months. Hmmm…I should rather say they’ve been teaching us. They are witty, street-smart and have all sorts of opinions about a wide variety of things and about life in general!