Why Learn English in the UK?

Birthplace of the English language, the UK is one of the most popular destinations for language travel. If you’re thinking of learning English as a second language, here are just a few reasons why England is one of the best places to study. High Standards – In the UK, all English language schools are accredited with a large focus on highly trained teachers. Top quality is a guarantee! Rest assured that you will reach your target level. Lessons that Inspire – Movement, sound, creativity and interaction help you to learn faster and provide plenty of entertainment. Teachers believe that learning should be fun and the classroom is a place of conversation, smiles and laughter. Many Ways to Learn English – Living in an English-speaking country means that you will be practising your language skills constantly, in different real-life situations with native speakers every day. English for All Ages – You will find courses that are specifically designed for your age group so you can learn amongst like-minded people in the same stage of their life as you. English for All Needs – If you want business English, conversation practice, exam preparation, or one-to-one lessons, UK schools offer a great variety of courses. Multiculturalism – Not only will you be studying and practising English with people from all over the world, but the UK is a melting pot of different cultures, demonstrating the power of language to bring people together. Work Experience – Schools may offer a combination of work and study, with internship, work placement and volunteering opportunities that will look great on your CV and provide plenty of practice using English in a work environment, broadening your career opportunities for the future. Location Location Location! – Study English in England and you have great destinations to choose from. Do … Read more

EC Bristol is ISI accredited!

Having the best schools means you having the best time on your course. At EC we are committed to high standards: we want to have the best schools, the best lessons and the best teachers so you will have an experience you will love! To make sure our standards are maintained, our schools are inspected to by major accreditation organisations. These organisations visit our schools and carefully check the quality of service we provide our students. It’s not easy to get accreditation; it takes a lot of hard work and effort. That’s why are excited to let you know that our newest UK school, EC Bristol English school, has been inspected by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI). This organisation is responsible for inspecting independent schools in England to see how good they are. Only the best schools get accredited by them, and guess what…EC Bristol did it! EC Bristol passed its ISI inspection with flying colours (with great success) in these three areas: The quality of the curriculum, teaching and learners achievement Students’ welfare including health and safety The effectiveness of governance and management So if you’re looking for great courses taught by great teachers, in a safe and comfortable school that’s run by professional staff, EC Bristol is the place for you! What makes this achievement so special is that EC Bristol is not even two years old yet! Well done to all the staff for doing such an amazing job in such a short time. That’s what happens when you love what you do! Learn more about accreditation at EC