After 11 months we say goodbye to Mauricio.

Today we want to say goodbye to our lovely long term student Mauricio, who just have finished a 11 month course here at EC London 30+ He would love to share his opinion about EC with us.   It all began a year ago when I decided to study English abroad because of my strong desire to take my professional career into the next level, so I can apply for some job offers from multinational companies without problems. Therefore, I quit my job and started choosing a good English school I could get the best learning experience to achieve my goal. I have always dreamed about studying in London because this place is one of the most important cities in the world and there is plenty of things to do such as visiting museums and iconic buildings, attending events, having great time with friends, having meals at nice restaurants, good libraries and learning about new cultures and people. EC London 30+ has everything it needs to promote people’s learning and social capabilities, given the variety of academic and extracurricular programs it offers its students. The teachers of this school are truly committed to the learning of their students, the students are of excellence and come from different backgrounds and the classrooms and library are optimal to improve the English skills. Attending classes was confusing at the first time because it has been a long time since my last course I took and the teaching methodology was a bit complex. However, I can remember that my first day at EC London was great, the staff was friendly, helpful and available to answer all my enquiries because I was not able to speak and understand English easily. I took the Beginner class for one week and then I moved to the elementary ones. Overall, … Read more

Pulling my socks up as an intern at EC London 30+

Being interested in learning English and more about British work culture, discovering the life in a huge English city and improving my language skills, I went off to discover lovely London for two months.   Why voluntarily moving away from thirty-degree constant weather to a changing clouded wet English place? It’s because one of the advantages of becoming an English teacher for secondary school students in Switzerland: It provides me with seven weeks in an English country. In order to do so, I decided coming to London and doing an internship at EC London 30+. And it was absolutely worthwhile!  But learning English wasn’t everything, the internship had not only helped me to improve my English, I also had the opportunity to benefit my teacher skills. What were my responsibilities? The first week I was mainly at the reception: Besides chatting with the student’s, answering their questions, I helped them feel comfortable in the school and booked their trips. Furthermore, I accomplished some academic tasks such as doing the teachers’ schedules, the students’ timetables or preparing the certificates. Several times I had the honour to give some free lessons, for example the conversational class or breakfast club. And not to forget – Besides trying understand David’s Irish accent, I benefited from being introduced to British music groups due to of Suzie’s amazing DJ skills. The icing on the cake? I very much liked my time at EC 30+ because the working atmosphere was fantastic. The internship gave me an insight how a language school works and is organised. What is more, throughout the conversations with teachers and class observations I was able to collect useful ideas for my future lessons. It was also interesting to see the differences between a regular school teacher and a teacher whose students change every … Read more

Carolina Ramirez at EC London 30+

Carolina arived at EC London 30+ the 9th May, and she was studying in our school for 12 weeks. We’re really going to miss her but she has very kindly agreed to share her experience of EC LONDON 30+ with you. She began at pre-intermediate and in just 12 short weeks she managed to reach upper intermediate, which is amazing progress. Well done, Carolina, we’re all very proud of you. Thank you and good luck with everything.     At the begin, i didn’t know to much about the way of life in London, i confess i was so nervous, to change my routine, my home my life. I came EC through my agency in Colombia, i choose this school, because it was for older people, wich doesn’t mean we are old people!, just the idea to share my learning with teenager got on my nerves so i took the challenge and came here, in spite of united states is closer to me, and here found an amazing place, full of new people with diferents experinces from a lot of beatiful countries. I haven’t had a lot of experience about english schools, this is my first experience, but i can say not just talking about quality, which is hight, that the environment is kindness, profesional and fun as well. I recomend EC London 30+ for all the people who want to learn english, here you’ll find good friends, an amazing city full of great expericences to do and a profesional team of teachers always ready to help you! I have still plenty to learn, but i’m sure my improvement has been successful. Carolina Ramirez, Colombian We can see Carolina enjoying with her classmates in her Intensive lessons, Everyday English.    If you’re thinking about studying English in the future, check out our … Read more

Students testimonials – May 2015

Have a read of some of our student’s testimonials this month!     Dear Sir or Madame, I enjoyed very much and learned good English. The best lesson I liked the business class. The teachers were very friendly and allways in a good mood. Best Regards, Marcel Marcel Werner Haueter, Swiss (Intensive English for work course, 3w) My stay at school was very good! I think I had improve my English. The teachers Teresa, Jess, Kristy and Ben were very helpful and nice I learnd much from them! Thans so much!!!! Monica Lozano, Spanish (Intensive English, 2w, pre-intermediate & Everyday English) I’m gonna recommended EC School to my friends. London is good choose to study English. Artur Kostowski, Polish (Intensive English, 1w, pre-intermediate & Everyday English) Check out our website if you’re looking for a business English course for adults in London. If you would like to practise your English online, try our Learn English website.

Matthias Pohl having English for work lessons at EC London 30+

Matthias has very kindly allowed us to share his experiences at EC London 30+ with all of you. This is the testimonial he wrote on his final day, last Friday. Matthias Pohl is a consultant who decided to study English for work for 3 weeks and, according to his teachers, was a great addition to all of his lessons, really throwing himself in and making the most of every class.       + People over 30 years old + Funny teacher, very friendly + After the first day, I know it was the right decision to book an English course at EC London 30+ + Good prices in the cafe + EC London 30+ is in a good area in London – Nothing I’ll be back 🙂 Matthias Pohl, German Thank you, good luck with everything and we hope to see you soon! Check out our website if you’re looking for a English for Work course for adults in London. If you would like to practise your English online, try our Learn English website.

“EC London 30+ concept sound to be a fantastic option”

After 7 weeks, we have to say goodbye to one of our students as he is finished his English for Work course. Here is the testimonial of Eduardo Nunes, from Brazil, he finished his intensive English course in EC london 30+ last Friday.       London was not my 1st option to learn English. I was looking for small/calm city to stay. But EC London 30+ concept sound to be a fantastic option. And it really was a surprise. EC London 30+ was exactly what I was looking for. The best teachers, classmates, staff, location… everything was perfect. I’ll recommend to my friends and I’ll be back! The extra activities were the best way to interact with other students and enjoy the city. Thanks EC London 30+!!! Special thanks to: Georgia, Matt, Chris, Clare, John, Matthew, Adam and Sara!!! Eduardo Nunes (Brazilian) Thank you so much Eduardo from EC London 30+ team. We hope to see you soon 🙂 !! Check out our website if you’re looking for an Intensive English course  in London or if you are interested in learning more about EC London 30+ If you would like to practise your English online, try our Learn English website.

English Lessons for Adults in the UK : Student Review

  Geundong, from South Korea, studied at EC London 30+ for 8 weeks, attending English lessons for adults in the UK. He took a 7-week General English course and a 1-week Intensive English course. We have just said goodbye to him and we truly hope that we can meet him again at EC Covent Garden in the future. He has very kindly given us a brief description of his English experience with us and his lessons.   I’m very happy to be here. When I was studying in EC London 30+ I learned a lot of expression in English and I was very happy. If I stay in London more time I would like to study at EC London 30+ I’ll keep to study English constantly after I’ll go back to Korea. Absolutely, my EC study will be helped. Thanks for your teaching and supporting.   Geundong Bae from South Korea. Geundong took a 7-week General English course and a 1-week Intensive English course at EC London 30+.    If you’re thinking about studying English in the future or doing English lessons for adults in the UK please visit our website.

It’s very easy to speak about EC 30+

It’s very easy to speak about EC 30+ school, everything in just one word: AMAZING. Fantastic organisation, everybody always ready to help you. David, Suzie and Sue, one of the best staff I’ve ever seen. Simple, precise and human. The teachers…OMG…just incredible. I’ve never study English and now I can speak, maybe not really well, but I understand and I can make a speech. I like John, Matt, Adam, Georgia and Ben, each of them gave me something. My classmates were fantastic, I met new people from different countries, it was just amazing. Thank you sooo much for this experience because for me to share it’s really important and here I can just study and learn English but the best was to grow humanly. Love you sooo much!! Ermanno (Italian)    If you would like to find out more about English Language courses at EC Covent Garden, please click here.