Meet Mayu, Our New Student Intern!

Mayu comes to EC San Diego from Tokyo, Japan. She studies English at a local university and will enter her third year in the fall.  Why I came to intern at EC San Diego is to improve my English skills in practical ways. Social experience in America will be definitely helpful when I start to work in Japan because what makes difference between Japanese and American internship is to be an intern like one of the real EC San Diego staff. So I can understand how difficult and challenging working is and it absolutely makes me confident of myself. What I see and hear now is so fresh, and it’s amazing to meet many people from different cultures. Because I have studied about activities and intercommunication between different cultures, it is wonderful for me to use what I have learned before in real situations. I hope I can help anyone who suffers from culture shock experience.  There must be difficulties and obstacles I will face, but I always remind why I came here and keep positive attitudes toward knowing new things. Also, the summer in San Diego is amazing. I hope this intern experience will make me strong and more socially adapted. There are many things about what I didn’t expect, but I will adapt and make them happy experiences for me.